Welcome to our exclusive, limited time, Salford Clothing Store!

We are now live and ready to order! As a valued member of our team, please use this credit to purchase Salford branded clothing.

How It Works:

Shop with Ease:
Browse through our extensive collection of apparel and find the perfect items to add to your wardrobe.

Use Your Employee Code: At checkout, enter '23-' and your unique employee code to apply an exclusive discount to your purchase... ie  23-COUS .

Flexible Payment Options: If your order total exceeds your available credit, you can easily cover the additional amount with a credit card payment. 

Order Within the Time Frame: The store is open for a limited time, from Nov 15th to November 29th. Make sure to place your orders within this period to ensure timely delivery.

How will you get your items: Once the orders have been placed using your unique employee code that will trigger the store to ship to your workplace. i.e. Salford, Norwich, Elie, Cornelia or Osceola.

Important Note:

Please be aware that the final date to place your orders is 10 pm est. on November 29/23. After this date, the store will be closed, and no further orders will be accepted. This policy ensures that all orders are processed and delivered at the same time.

Thank you for being an invaluable member of the Salford team. 

Michelle Drew
HR Director
+1 (519) 485-3977 ext. 1106